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Useful tips for BUYERS

  • Consider selling your current house and moving into rented accommodation. If you’re not in a chain you will be a more attractive purchaser and will be able to agree more advantageous terms.

  • Pre appoint professional advisers and prime them with your intentions this way you will come across as a serious credible buyer.

  • Draw up a shopping list of features in priority order and check off each house against this list to ensure it genuinely fits your requirements.

  • Location is important. You can change the house but not the location.

  • Visit the house regularly at different times of the day and sit outside or stroll around the neighbourhood to get a feel for the locations at different times.

  • Build a good rapport with the Estate Agent and the vendor they will then go the extra distance to help when things go wobbly.

  • Don’t be pressured into a purchase. Trust your gut instinct. If in doubt talk to a trusted friend and get good professional advice.

  • A health check survey will help put your mind at ease. You can either revisit the price if there are serious issues or at least be aware of the need for future expenditure.

Useful tips for SELLERS

  • Ensure the house is clean and well aired before viewings. They want to buy your house not your muck.

  • Go out during the viewing. Allow the agent to do the viewings. The prospective buyer can relax more, have a good poke around and get a better feel for the house if you’re not there.

  • Clean the windows and open up the blinds and curtains.

  • Don’t be unrealistic with sales price or you won’t get any viewings and the property won’t sell and will get a bad reputation. The only way to overcome this negative sentiment is a big price drop to re-invigorate the market.

  • De-clutter the house.

  • Make sure that the furniture and furnishings show how the house works in terms of lay out and space.

  • Set up a file and place all relevant documents warranties and the like in it - this will give the buyer and the surveyor confidence.

  • Have the boiler serviced and gas system checked.

Useful Tips for Buyers & Sellers


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